Astral Blue Mural - WP
Astral Blue Mural - WP
Astral Blue Mural - WP
Flat Vernacular - The Heavens
Flat Vernacular

Astral Blue Mural - WP

Wallpaper – The Heavens
Sold By: Panel
Width: 27” x 11'
Substrate: Digitally printed nonwoven
“The Heavens” is not a repeating pattern but rather a wall mural. Full murals measure 11' tall by 13.5' wide. The mural width is divided into individual 27” panels. The 13.5' wide mural will be mirrored for spaces that require greater widths.
Order Minimum: 30 YD (3 double rolls/6 single rolls of GC) - $100 cut fee if less than min
Lead time: 3-5 weeks

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